Let voters vote.  Not the politicians.

The Mississippi Legislature decided the voice of the people didn’t matter. Let voters vote. Not the politicians.

Legislature’s failure to update initiative process costing Mississippi

The only reason the Mississippi Supreme Court is being forced to consider whether or not the recently passed Medical Marijuana Initiative 65 was properly put before voters on the ballot is because the Mississippi Legislature failed to do its job. This legal case is...

Future of Mississippi voter initiative process rests with Legislature

A Mississippi Supreme Court ruling will not only ignite political dispute over the future of medical cannabis in the state but also over the future of the voter initiative process itself. Supporters of medical marijuana were quick to voice displeasure with a Friday...

Special session pondered after court strikes down ballot initiative

A special legislative session is being discussed by political leaders in the wake of last week’s explosive ruling by the Mississippi Supreme Court striking down both the state’s new medical marijuana program and the entire initiative process where citizens...

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