Fellow Mississippian,

In 2019 the Governor of Mississippi and many members of the Legislature promised to allow the people of Mississippi a voice in choosing a new flag.  However, once elected, the Legislature decided to backtrack on that promise and decided that only they could make that decision for the people of Mississippi.  That’s not what voters asked them to do.

Let Mississippi Vote is a group of concerned citizens, taxpayers, and business owners who want to follow through on that promise to allow all the people of Mississippi, not just those well connected in Jackson, to have a voice in choosing our new flag.

We seek in 2021 to have a petition drive that would demand a statewide election for voters to choose among four flags: the original 1894 flag, the Stennis flag, the Mississippi Bicentennial flag, and the adopted 2020 Magnolia flag.

Join us today in our efforts to give the people the vote the politicians promised.

For Mississippi,
Dan Carr

Mississippi governor signs law for flag without rebel emblem

JACKSON, Miss. -- Mississippi hoisted a new state flag without the Confederate battle emblem on Monday, just over six months after legislators retired the last state banner in the U.S. that included the divisive rebel symbol. The new flag has a magnolia and the...

Mississippi Senator says new state flag ‘pushed down’ Mississippians throats, decries process

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - State senator Chris McDaniel says that Mississippi’s new state flag, which was officially signed into law Monday, was “pushed down” Mississippians throats. In a post on Facebook, McDaniel railed against the process taken to install the In...

‘Let the people vote’: Campaign now underway for state flag ballot referendum

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The legislature's retiring of the state flag isn't sitting well with some Mississippians. Just days after the move, there’s an effort now underway to let the voters choose which flag represents Mississippi. “It’s very simple. You put it on a...

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